About Kendall


Saddened and perplexed about the amount of children living without genuine love and basic necessities, 7 year old Kendall knew that she wanted to do something to help.  She wanted to make sure that every child felt special and all of their needs were met.  After weeks of trying to persuade her mom to help her raise money for children in need, Kendalls mom finally agreed to put a plan in motion to help Kendall end child poverty. With determination and guidance from her mom, Kendall created the Kendall Cares Foundation (KCF).  KCF’s mission is to end child poverty through advocacy, volunteering, and fundraising, while challenging and encouraging other youth to become world changers.  


Now at age 11, Kendall considers herself an advocate for children in need.  She comes up with cool ways to help end child poverty like volunteering, writing letters to her state representatives and selling her “World Changer” merchandise. 10% from the sales of her “World Changer” merchandise is donated to organizations whose mission is to help end child poverty.  She also hosts an annual awareness event to help raise funds and awareness for a partner organization whose mission is to help underserved children.  Kendall challenges other children to become world changers by using the hashtag #JoinTheKendallChallenge.  


Kendall is her parents only child and dreams of becoming a teacher, dancer and owning her own dance studio. She enjoys math, creative writing, playing volleyball and watching her dad coach basketball. Kendall is a phenomenal kid helping kids by working to end child poverty worldwide.  She loves being a world changer and challenging other kids to do the same.